Simply a smart move for Girl Scouts of Colorado

At Girl Scouts of Colorado, we are modeling savvy business leadership for our girls. Our corporate office provided more space than we needed and was in dismal shape, so we commissioned a subcommittee of the GSCO Board of Directors to research the situation last summer. We’re following through with their recommendation to sell our 17,000- square-foot building and lease a much smaller 7,000-square-foot space. This move will have a significant positive effect on our council financials, and the added revenue will be invested in our professionally managed designated fund to ensure a strong leadership program for girls statewide for years to come.

Our statewide Girl Scout Shop will move to a dedicated, more visible retail location that is right around the corner from the new corporate office at 1485 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 260. Volunteers will be able to shop, and register for Girl Scout activities at the new shop.

The corporate office will be closed for moving on Friday, May 30, and open for business on Monday, June 2, at the new location, 3801 E. Florida Ave., Denver, CO 80210, Suite 720.

The old building on Broadway is in a developing neighborhood, and we’re hiring a professional broker to sell it. The broker is confident we will have a multi-million dollar sale, all of which will go into our Girl Scouts of Colorado Endowment fund to support all girls in the state, earning interest into perpetuity. The really cool thing is that even with modest projections, the investment income alone from the sale of our old building will pay for property expenses at our new office, with money to spare.

In the ’70s, Girl Scouts purchased the building at 400 S. Broadway, and even though it’s paid for, it needs upwards of $400,000 in repairs and improvements, principally a whole new HVAC system and parking lot repairs. As we’ve become a leaner, more efficient organization with staff in the community instead of the office, our space needs have diminished, as have our needs for office equipment as so much communication has gone digital. The building maintenance not only takes money, but also staff time that will be saved in a leased space. No more shoveling snow or refilling paper towels!

We’re so proud to be using our resources wisely by investing more in people and less in property and administrative functions.

About Stephanie Foote, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Colorado

I am dedicated to helping young women find their path to leadership. I am excited to serve Girl Scouts in Colorado on this journey.
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3 Responses to Simply a smart move for Girl Scouts of Colorado

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  2. Jill Rampacek says:

    What a great thing for troops that are located in the South Metro/ Denver area. This doubles my trip mileage as a North Metro leader. I will sincerely miss having a centralized location for all.

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