Task Force Schedules Town Hall Meeting for Southern Colorado

The Outdoor Property Evaluation Task Force will be holding a Town Hall meeting to hear feedback about Girl Scout properties in the southern part of our state on Saturday, March 8, 3:00-4:30 at the Pueblo Service Center (21 Montebello Rd, Pueblo, Colorado 81001). The discussions will focus on Lazy Acres and Sky High Ranch properties. This is the second of four meetings that are designed to collect feedback on the usage of and demand for Girl Scouts of Colorado outdoor properties. The first meeting was held on December 19 in Colorado Springs and focused on Sky High Ranch. Future meetings will be held in Northern Colorado and Denver later this month. Dates, times and locations for those meetings will be announced via this blog once they are confirmed.

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One Response to Task Force Schedules Town Hall Meeting for Southern Colorado

  1. Belinda says:

    I would love to be at this meeting, but I have to be at work. I just want to let you know that our Service Unit has had an annual fall camp out (late September or early October) at Sky High for the last 20 + years. Our girls in the Service Unit look forward to this every year, especially since we have been including the older girls in the planning, preparation and implementation of the camp-out. This year we are moving our event to late August because Sky High is now closed in the winter, starting September 15.

    My troop participates in at least 2 camp – out at Sky High Ranch–for a family camp-out and for practice for Reach for the Peak. And then. of course, we are there for Reach for the Peak in most years.
    We have had one troop family camp-out at Lazy Acres since the merger into GSCO. We enjoyed the facility and hope to be able to use it again–we were cancelled one year because of fire danger.

    In the history of the troop, we have had at least 5 of our girls work as counselors, and camp staff during the residence camps at Sky High Ranch, after having been campers there for at least five years. These five girls (now adults) now work together in the food service industry. I’m sure they work so well together and in their field because of their experiences at camp–as girls and as staff.

    We enjoy going to Sky High Ranch for our various events. It is relatively close to Colorado Springs and many of our members have voiced the opinion that if we had to have events at some of the other properties (besides Lazy Acres), it would be more difficult to attend. Mostly because of the longer drive on an evening after the girls get out of school (if it was to be a fall or spring event). We certainly like the proximity of the camp since we usually have our event s start on a Friday night and everyone can be there by 7:00 pm.

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