Kiwa Korral declared a “total loss” by insurance company

I am sharing the latest update on Kiwa Korral, our GSCO property near Lyons, with our membership and supporters. Our insurance adjustor’s report has declared all three structures on the property a “total loss” and denied our claim for coverage because Kiwa is in a FEMA flood plain. Our property is, in effect, on a sandbar and remains inaccessible.

Boulder County has still not determined what the course of action will be with the flow of the St. Vrain River, which shifted course dramatically after the September, 2013 flooding. The gate that used to open to a road to our property now opens to the river. You can see from these photos from the adjustor, it’s not a pretty picture, and saddens the GSCO family. I’ve also attached the report letter from the adjustor which details his appraisal. SD 1401-12 Girl Scouts of CO (Kiwa Korral Lyons) _Redacted

As always, I will keep you informed as we get more information.

About Stephanie Foote, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Colorado

I am dedicated to helping young women find their path to leadership. I am excited to serve Girl Scouts in Colorado on this journey.
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One Response to Kiwa Korral declared a “total loss” by insurance company

  1. Laura Hopkins says:

    That makes me sad, it was a pretty location and a nice basic property at a nice price for troops who can’t afford the pricier ones.

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