Flood damage affects Kiwa Korral

Our hearts go out to those whose lives have been devastated by the flooding in September throughout Colorado. We know that our members have been concerned about how the floods may have affected our Girl Scouts of Colorado properties, as have we.

With no access to the property, information has been very slow to come on the status of our property in Lyons, Kiwa Korral. Hundreds of Northern Colorado girls enjoy a volunteer-led day camp that’s held every year at the property, and the beautiful camp is beloved by GSCO girls, volunteers and staff around the state. Late last week, council staff got their first brief view of the property with our insurance adjustor. The state highway adjacent to the property is washed out, and the flow of the nearby creek diverted itself and has enlarged by many times to be river-sized and has expanded to the opposite side of our property, leaving Kiwa Korral as an island. Because we are not permanent residents, we will not have access to the property for an indefinite period of time. The lodge is standing, but has suffered significant damage. The shelter is a loss, and the entire property is flooded with massive amounts of debris. It is truly saddening. We do not have a report as of yet from the insurance company, and no FEMA assistance is available to us. This is all of the information that is available to GSCO at this time.

We have just learned that Pawnee Lodge in Sterling did not sustain any damage. The other good news for GSCO is that no other camp properties incurred any flood damage. As soon as more information is available, we will continue to share it with our members and the public.

About Stephanie Foote, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Colorado

I am dedicated to helping young women find their path to leadership. I am excited to serve Girl Scouts in Colorado on this journey.
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4 Responses to Flood damage affects Kiwa Korral

  1. What about Meadow Mountain Ranch????? Any info much appreciated!

  2. Jennifer says:

    When you can, I hope you arrange for volunteer clean up days for those who care to help.

  3. Siobhan Murtha says:

    Actually there are 2 day camps that are volunteer run at Kiwa, and some years at least one other day camp runs there. And collectively we serve several hundred girls. Also, photos of Kiwa and the cabin, craft shelter and new river course were available to us well before last week from several angles from surrounding properties and aerial footage. We’re waiting to see how much damage is actually done and how quickly we can restore the property. Volunteers are waiting to assist with the clean up when we can get to the property.

  4. Heather says:

    I was to go camping at MMR the weekend right after the rains, and the property manager shared that the camp is fine, but the roads to even get there were the problem. So, sounds like MMR probably didn’t have much or any damage.

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