Minutes – Outdoor Property Subcommittee Meeting, 7.19.13

In May, 2013 the GSCO Board of Directors commissioned a subcommittee composed of volunteers and staff to review the usage and sustainability of GSCO outdoor, or wilderness properties, including: Pawnee Lodge, Kiwa Korral, Hamp Hut, Lazy Acres, Twisted Pine, Magic Sky Ranch, Sky High Ranch, Meadow Mountain Ranch, and Tomahawk Ranch.
The Outdoor Property subcommittee held their initial meeting on 7/19 to review their charge from the statewide, volunteer board and determine their course of action. The following is a synopsis of the meeting and a list of next steps. Summaries from future meetings will also be posted on the blog.
I. Background/Context
a. The committee reviewed their charge from the board, which includes: gather and review data related to the outdoor / camp / wilderness properties in GSCO and make a recommendation to the GSCO Board of Directors on the future of these properties for their review, discussion and action.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee shall draft a formal statement of their charge for inclusion in the committee’s process document (referenced below).
b. The committee reviewed the current financial conditions and projections for the organization.
c. The committee reviewed the planned programming changes for the summer of 2014 https://gscoblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/2014-outdoor-program-changes/
d. The committee reviewed information and data about each property. Data included basic information about each property, current and historical usage, needed capital improvements, annual expenses and annual revenue.
II. Scope of Work
a. The committee discussed the potential process for the assessment and evaluation of the properties.
ACTION: It was determined that a proposed process should be drafted for committee review at the next meeting. The committee stressed that the process should include ways in which the public would be informed about the process, receive committee status updates and provide feedback.
b. The committee discussed current committee members and deliberated on the need to add members.
ACTION: It was determined that the committee would identify 2-3 additional members from GSCO volunteers. Interested volunteers may contact Jacky Noden (jackyk.noden@gscolorado.org) for details.

III. Next Steps and Timeline
a. The committee discussed the overall timeline for the project, as well as a feasible goal for making recommendations to the board.
ACTION: The committee requested that the draft process detailed above include a proposed timeline. The timeline will be reviewed at the next committee meeting.
b. The committee agreed to meet again in approximately 2-4 weeks to review the proposed evaluation process and timeline.

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One Response to Minutes – Outdoor Property Subcommittee Meeting, 7.19.13

  1. Melanie Bohren says:

    Has this committee met again, and if so, please post the minutes. Thanks!

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