Ready to Quest?

By now you have most likely heard about ZisBoomBah and the Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Challenge! But you may be wondering what exactly is a “quest?” Quests are stories with goals that help the kids learn about health, nutrition, fitness and more. You can assign quests developed by ZisBoomBah to the members of your troop, and they earn rewards for completing their quests. ZisBoomBah and Girl Scouts have created customized Quests that work with the Girl Scouts of the USA journeys and badges. You also have the option of writing your own quests and assigning your own rewards!

Quests feature the ZisBoomBah mascots Zis, Boom and Bah in short stories that illustrate the quest topic, and then missions that are activities the girls can take on individually or as a group. Girls can check off the missions as they complete them, and get point rewards when they finish the quest.

If you’re ready to get started, contact Sloan Moore ( to get your troop signed up!

Learn more about ZisBoomBah.pdf

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