Daisy Journey tip of the week – attend council events

Daisy Journey Tip #2 – Attending council events is a great way to enhance or supplement the Journey activities you are doing during troop meetings. Here are a few events and how they tie to the Daisy Journeys. To read more about these events and to register go to: http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/activities

Daisy Garden Journey – The name says it all! Girls will work toward the first two awards of the “Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden” Journey at this event.

Cool Science & Rocks and Roles, Women on the Ridge – The science activities girls will do with great adult volunteers will link to the Between Earth and Sky Journey by providing girls with role models (see page 7 of the Adult Guide).

Zoo Day at Cheynne Mountain Zoo – Any chance girls have to be around animals will be a great supplement to the “3 Cheers for Animals” Journey.

Move It! Sports Sampler & Sports Extravaganza – Healthy living is a key component to being a good leader. By taking part in sports, girls are taking care of themselves – a great tie in to the “3 Cheers for Animals” Journey.

Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Expo – This event will provide girls with an opportunity to learn all about healthy lifestyles. Use the Healthy Habit Supplement books along with the “Between Earth and Sky Journey” > http://girlscouts.org/program/journeys/booklets/. By attending this event, girls (and their families) will learn to have a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Day of the Dead “Dia de los Muertos” – This event will celebrate the traditional Mexican holiday. Spending time with Girl Scout friends and family, celebrating, and honoring the Girl Scout founder is a great tie to the “Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden” Journey.

We Care for Animal Care – Daisies will work toward the “Bird Bath Award” from the “3 Cheers for Animals” Journey.

What ideas or experiences do you have with linking council or service unit events to Journey themes?

About kristincourington

I am the Director of Girl and Community Development for Girl Scouts of Colorado. I work with the Program and Recruitment Specialists to provide support for events, series, community outreach and program support to girls and volunteers around the state. I also provide support for Global Girl Scouting and the Highest Awards. I've been with Girl Scouts of Colorado for over 6 years and loving every minute!
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