Cadette Journey tip of the week – Keeping it girl-led

This year we want to provide more Journey support to girls and volunteers, so we’re going to try out a “tip of the week” blog post for each program level. This will be a success because of your contributions to these posts – through comments, or by sharing your own tip:

Cadette Journey Tip #1 – We know that when activities are girl-led, they are not only more fun for girls, but also provide girls with a better leadership experience. Here are some suggestions for practicing girl-led as your Cadette Girl Scouts choose which of the 3 Journeys to work on this year.

Try out an activity related to each Journey. Have the girls read more about each Journey (either by showing them one of each book – or reading about them online:

Activity ideas:

It’s Your Story – Tell It! MEdia: Do anything related to the media or storytelling. Follow this link to instructions for making a flip book:

It’s Your Planet – Love It! – Breathe: Do anything related to air. Follow this link to a “print and play” activity for making a dragon fly kite:

It’s Your World – Change It! – aMAZE: Do anything related to friendships and girls working together to make the world a better place. Follow this link to the Girls Speak Out website. Have girls make and submit a PSA of their own, or view and vote on those that have already been subitted:

Do you have any other suggestions for how to incorproate “girl-led” in choosing a Journey?

About kristincourington

I am the Director of Girl and Community Development for Girl Scouts of Colorado. I work with the Program and Recruitment Specialists to provide support for events, series, community outreach and program support to girls and volunteers around the state. I also provide support for Global Girl Scouting and the Highest Awards. I've been with Girl Scouts of Colorado for over 6 years and loving every minute!
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