Daisy Journey tip of the week – Keeping it girl-led

This year we want to provide more Journey support to girls and volunteers, so we’re going to try out a “tip of the week” blog post for each program level. This will be a success because of your contributions to these posts – through comments, or by sharing your own tip: http://www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org/journey-tips.

Daisy Tip #1 – We know that when activities are girl-led, they are not only more fun for girls, but also provide girls with a better leadership experience. Here are some suggestions for practicing girl-led as your Daisy Girl Scouts choose which of the 3 Journeys to work on this year.

Try out an activity related to each Journey, then let the girls vote on which one they like the best. Thumbs up if it’s their favorite, thumbs down if they don’t like it, and thumbs across if they like it but it’s not their favorite. You can have them “vote” in any variety of ways, but this is a good option for Daisies.

Activity ideas:

It’s Your Story – Tell It! 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals: Do anything related to animals. Follow this link to a “print and play” activity for making animal masks: http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/animal-masks/

It’s Your Planet – Love It! – Between Earth and Sky: Do anything related to nature and the natural world. Follow this link to a “print and play” activity for making maple seed flyers: http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/printplay-flying-maple-seeds/

It’s Your World – Change It! – Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden: Do anything related to friendships and girls working together to make the world a better place. Follow this link to a “print and play” activity for making a flower friend garden: http://forgirls.girlscouts.org/printplay-flower-friends/

Do you have any other suggestions for how to incorproate “girl-led” in choosing a Journey?

About kristincourington

I am the Director of Girl and Community Development for Girl Scouts of Colorado. I work with the Program and Recruitment Specialists to provide support for events, series, community outreach and program support to girls and volunteers around the state. I also provide support for Global Girl Scouting and the Highest Awards. I've been with Girl Scouts of Colorado for over 6 years and loving every minute!
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