Congratulations to volunteers receiving GSUSA adult awards

Girl Scouts of Colorado is honored to present these volunteers with the following recognitions:

Thanks Badge II
Michelle Bellows

Honor Pin

Suzanna DiRanna                                    Julie Weinke

Margaret Giles                                           Jessica Antal

Rachael Terlouw                                     Janice Foley

Appreciation Pin

Laura Aguon                                              Wendy Jones

Duby Archuleta                                        Patty Lowe

Laura Chaney                                            Helen Lyall

Karin Deaver                                              Robyn Metcalf

Kate Fegel                                                   Ann Palius

Melinda Goertz                                         Marcie Salter

Julie Griffith                                                Kelli St. Clergy

Charlotte Hardy                                       Nancy David- Mucklow

Outstanding Leader

Tina Benner                                                Kathy Hobson

Angela Birka                                               Kelly Hunton

Kari Buffington                                          Anne Marie Koenig

Starey Faykosh-Burtis                           Dawn Lemons

Andrea Castillo                                        Anne Marie Pitcock

Janet Davis                                                Donna Stillwell

Jo Lynn Dykstra                                       Michelle Skutchan

Kim Foster                                                 Joe Lesniak

Janeen Galligan                                        Ashlee Ruggero

Krystal Hefferan

Outstanding Volunteer

Robin Breslar                                            Chori Pashman

Amy Caperton                                         Amy Ruby

Sheri Fowler                                               Lynn Sinclair

Julie Greenwald                                        Christine Spraque

Deanna Juliano                                         Suzanne Teal

Kim Knuth                                                   Heather Wright

Vicki Lauer                                                  Tyrinna McMaster

Cindy Lunsford                                        Rex Clair

 Kristi O’Keefe                                           Caryn Kessinger

 Barbara Markey

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One Response to Congratulations to volunteers receiving GSUSA adult awards

  1. Michelle McKeehan Troop 1220, Montrose says:

    Congratulations to all the recognized volunteers. Girl Scouts would not be the same without your love and committment!

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