Because I was a Girl Scout … I became a volunteer

Submitted by Karen Jones
Colorado Springs

Because I was a Girl Scout … I am a Girl Scout!

I was a Brownie back in the early 60s and, although we “flew up” but there was no troop to catch me.

I’ve been a leader now for 13 years and consider what Girl Scouting’s done for me and a lot of girls. We completed Bronze and Silver projects, and one girl got her Gold, so we’ve learned to set goals. We went to the Bahamas for the girls Spring Break (and the girls paid their own way completely….no asking Mom or Dad for help!) We’ve sold cookies. And more cookies. We’ve camped. We’ve gone whitewater rafting. We’ve done tours and classes. We’ve seen countless plays and musicals. We’ve explored college and other career choices. Oh, and we’ve sold cookies!

Some of the girls in our troop were talking to each other (and us) and speaking of horrible problems at home. Three of them have since helped a parent handle things like abuse issues, suicide attempts and physical abuse. Girl Scouts has given them the power to speak up…..and sell cookies!

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One Response to Because I was a Girl Scout … I became a volunteer

  1. Lillian says:

    Karen: Thank you for posting inspirational story of being a Girl Scout!!! I certainly hope that along with all the thanks you get for being such a great leader and role model for your girls, you have also received many G.S. Awards…..we need more adults like you to keep the Girl Scouting goals alive…..and to sell cookies! Lillian (Zing) in Littleton, Co

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