My World, My Voice, My 2012 Election

With the November 2012 elections fast approaching, now is a great time to engage your troop or group in learning more about government and citizenship. Girl Scouts of Colorado has put together an activity guide to get Girl Scouts more involved in the elections while also giving them the skill needed to encourage other members of their community to become involved as well.

In this guide, you will see a list of suggested activities to help nurture your Girl Scouts into informed and responsible citizens by preparing them for the day they get their chance at the voting booth. Activities are broken down into three sections, Discover, Connect and Take Action. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your girls engaged in a discussion about leadership and government.

2012 Election Activity Guide

For questions, suggestions or guidance please e-mail (Important Note: Please keep in mind that Girl Scouts can’t advocate for one political party/candidate or another, or participate in a political rally as Girl Scouts, such as wearing their Girl Scout uniforms to a political rally. If you have further questions, please email

About Cortney Kern

Cortney Kern is the Community Partnership Manager for the Girl Scouts of Colorado. She is responsible for the development of programs and partnerships for girls, grades K-12. Prior to Girl Scouts, Cortney served two years in Peace Corps Morocco as a Small Business Development volunteer teaching rural Moroccan women how to start an artisanal business. As chair of Peace Corps’ Gender and Development Committee, she produced and directed a documentary about rural female community leaders that became part of a yearly female development camp sustained by Peace Corps and the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women volunteers. In addition to the documentary, she created an online lesson plan for the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell World Wise School. Cortney entered the Peace Corps after graduating from the American University of Rome with a degree in Art History and Cultural Heritage Management and represented her school at the Harvard Model United Nations in 2008. She has a passion for health, human rights and the arts. She has her own blog at and regularly contributes to
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One Response to My World, My Voice, My 2012 Election

  1. Cortney Healy says:

    The White House Project has some more great tips for you!

    *Go on a neighborhood drive or walk with your parents and look for all the different campaign signs you see: what are the different levels and positions people are running for? How many are women, how many are men? Do you notice more in certain places? Keep track of where you see signs for a week and come up with where you would put signs/how you would tell voters about your candidacy if you were running.

    *Come up with the top questions you would ask the US presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Have your parents help you look for a way to submit these questions online (there are a few different contests).

    *With a parent look up Presidential Candidate Barbie’s campaign online and follow her news.

    *Attend a candidate forum where you will see candidates debate or organize a watch party for your troop or friends for one of the presidential or vice presidential debates.

    *If your school has a newspaper or newsletter, see if you can become involved as the election reporter. Take your lead from these kid reporters:

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