Rendezvous – a great Camping opportunity for Troops

A Rendezvous weekend is a great camping opportunity for your Troop.  Program is planned and led by older girl troops (or camp staff), and based around a theme.  Meals are provided, and all you need to do is be present with your troop!  (okay, so there are a few more steps: you can read about them here: “What is a Rendezvous?” )

If you have never been, and your troop has been considering an overnight/weekend/camping trip – now is your chance!   Registration opens for each weekend about three months before the event.  Rendezvous sometimes have themes, and are often targeted to specific age levels.  There are also Me & My Guy weekends and Me & My Gal weekends.  Rendezvous are scheduled at each GSCO Resident Camp property – From Tomahawk Ranch near Bailey, CO to Sky High Ranch near Woodland Park, CO to Magic Sky Ranch near Red Feather Lakes, CO.

If you have been – perhaps your troop would like to try a new theme, or location this year.

And if your troop has been, loved them, and is now old enough to complete PA training (or has completed it), and you are interested in hosting/running a Rendezvous – contact the Camp Directors to see what openings they have for host troops.

We hope to see you at a camp this fall/winter/spring.  In the meanwhile, you can check out pictures from Rendezvous past here:  Rendezvous Pictures.

A quick list of the 2012-2013 Rendezvous Weekends  (remember that the Activity Finder will have the most up to date information on any events):

DATE                         LOCATION                           PROGRAM AGE LEVEL

Oct. 19-21                   Tomahawk Ranch                   Brownies

Oct. 26-28                   Magic Sky Ranch                    Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes

Nov. 2-4                      Sky High Ranch                      Brownies

Nov. 16-18                  Tomahawk Ranch                   Juniors

Nov. 16-18                  Magic Sky Ranch                    Me & My Gal (D/B/J/C)

Jan. 18-20                    Tomahawk Ranch                   Me & My Guy            (D/B/J/C)

Jan. 25-27                    Magic Sky Ranch                    Me & My Guy (B/J/C/S/A)

Feb. 1-3                       Sky High Ranch                      Me & My (D/B/J/C)

Feb. 22-24                   Magic Sky Ranch                    Juniors

Mar. 8-10                    Tomahawk Ranch                   Me & My Gal (D/B/J/C)

Mar. 15-17                  Magic Sky Ranch                    Brownies

Apr. 5-7                       Sky High Ranch                      Juniors

Apr. 19-21                   Tomahawk Ranch                   Brownies

Apr. 19-21                   Magic Sky Ranch                    Juniors

May 10-12                   Tomahawk Ranch                   Juniors

About magicskyranch

Magic Sky Ranch is one of Girl Scouts of Colorado's camp properties. It is open for summer overnight resident camp as well as camping programs at other times of the year. Magic Sky Ranch is located one hour northwest of Fort Collins near Red Feather Lakes on 750 acres at an altitude of 8,000 feet.
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