Finishing the Summer With a Bang!

Celebrating the end of a fantastic summer, we send our love to everyone who came to Tomahawk Ranch! Thanks again!

Another summer has come and gone! Throughout these nine sessions there have been many cat’s eyes hikes, Crooked and Totem Rock adventures, and a lot of ice cream making! The specialty units such as Broadway Bound and On Broadway spent countless hours putting together plays and short movies, and even re making “The Golden Eaglet”. The horse units learned all there is to know about horses, and got to ride so much; some even went on a camp-out to the nature sanctuary with horses! Of course no one can forget the Wizarding Week, in which everyone got to experience the magical world of witches and wizards!

Tomahawk Ranch would like to thank everyone for another awesome year, especially the amazing campers that we’re sure all had an incredible time at camp. Special thanks are in order for our wonderful volunteer moms and nursing students, because we definitely couldn’t go through an entire summer without them. Camp S’more was a fun new experience for all of us, and we are so glad to have worked with the 100th Anniversary Board members to bring back the past! We also hope all of our international staff feel like they have a second home in Colorado, one that they will never forget. Of course we wish that everybody could come back next summer, but we know that not every staff member can return. So we wish those that are moving on the best of luck! We look forward to seeing a ton of familiar faces next summer! Love, Tomahawk Ranch Staff of 2012

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