Greenwood Wildlife Rehab Center donation drive

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Submitted by Teresea Jones

Troop 72081 hosted a donation drive to collect items needed to help lighten the burden that was placed on Greenwood due to all the wildlife that was rescued/injured during the recent fires and brought to their Center on Highway 66 between Longmont and Lyons.

Greenwood recently took in 32 animals, including 16 ducklings, 5 fox kits and 11 birds from the High Park fires. They will stay with them until they are ready to release. They also received five baby bunnies from the fire in Estes Park. These additions bring the total number of animals at Greenwood to 414.

The service project idea was brought to vote by two of our troop members. They did a great job of preparing a presentation for our troop to make a deciding vote. Their mothers and the troop leaders coordinated the donation drive location, volunteer scheduling and donation drop off.

They collected four carts and a cooler full of various food and items that the center needs.

We are very proud of the effort our girls put forward to make this a successful donation drive.

This story was submitted via the Share Your Stories form. You can share your Girl Scout moments too.

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