Ouray Girl Scout selected for Coastal Studies program

Chiara at the Gen Wow breakfast in Colorado Springs.

Submitted by Chiara Degenhardt
Ouray, Colorado

Hello, my name is Chiara Degenhardt, and I live in Ouray, Colorado. This past November, I participated in the Girl Scout Leadership Institute at the National Convention in Houston, Texas. There, in the exhibit hall, on the last day, I learned about a program called Coastal Studies for Girls.

CSG is a program on the coast of Maine, for sophomore girls only, that focuses on science and leadership. The science focus is on marine ecosystems, and leadership skills are developed in part through outdoor adventure activities. I was interested from the start!

After I got home, I started working on my application for the fall 2012 semester at CSG.

The application process was rigorous, but well worth it once I received my acceptance letter. Being a Girl Scout was an important part of my application, as CSG was interested in any all-girl experiences I might have had. I think my Girl Scout resident camp experience over the past several years was also something that helped my application succeed.

CSG is only for sophomore girls, and you can apply for either fall or spring semester. Freshman girls who are interested should start working on their application now. This is the CSG website: http://www.coastalstudiesforgirls.org/

I am the first girl from Colorado to be a CSG student, and I hope that others will follow. I am very excited for my experience, and I hope to have a challenging academic semester, learn more about myself as a leader, an make life-long friends at CSG.

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One Response to Ouray Girl Scout selected for Coastal Studies program

  1. Bonnie says:

    Congratulations, Chiara! What an amazing opportunity!

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