Waldo Canyon Fire assistance opportunity for Girl Scouts to help evacuated pets

From Girl Scout Alexa Huesgen Hobbs

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Yesterday at the All Breed Rescue & Training, located at 20 Mount View Lane, Suite C, in Colorado Springs, I helped with some of the 57 animals temporarily housed there. Seven cats, three dogs, one gecko and one bunny were evacuees, and the rest came from the Humane Society to make room there for more evacuated pets. Just like anyone of any age can do, I walked, fed and loved the dogs and cats.

I interviewed some of the staff while there was a rare moment of rest (the dogs where napping) and asked what they needed. “We need volunteers of all ages, but we also need animal food, blankets, towels, treats and toys for the cats and bunnies. We already have enough for the dogs, but we are especially low on things for the bunny. All he has is cardboard as a toy,” one staff member said. They also need people to take sheets and towels to the laundromat and wash food / water bowls.

Phew! Those dogs are a lot of work! We gave them kongs, splashed in wading pools, took walks and cooled them down with ice placed in front of fans. One puppy named Madeline was so happy she was doing back flips! At least Madeline was happy. Many dogs “cried” and hunkered down in their kennels –  like the dogs I walked, named Midori and Samurai. Now imagine those sad, lonely dogs at night – even worse! But you can help! A maximum of 10 people (any age) can stay the night (a troop?) and comfort the dogs. So if you want to assist in fire relief, try feeding, walking, playing and possibly spending the night with evacuee pets. Dog walking shifts are 6 a.m., noon, 5 p.m., with play and naptime in between. Call  719-264-6460 and then go to 20 Mount View Lane, Suite C. I hope to see you there!

Note: All Breed Rescue & Training fosters out pets (in close relationship with the Humane Society) and doesn’t normally house the pets. They now have 57 animals and could take up to 120, so they need lots of help. Speak with Office Manager Sara Simon, or any of the other helpful staff on what they currently need. Email: info.abrt@gmail.com; Website: www.HaveANiceDog.org.

Read another story from Alexa with tips on how you can help

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10 Responses to Waldo Canyon Fire assistance opportunity for Girl Scouts to help evacuated pets

  1. Heather Mathewson says:

    Alexa, thank you for not only volunteering your time to help these pets but for posing this blog for your community. We are a group of volunteers who helped reunite lost pets after the wildfires here in Texas last year. We have shared your blog on our page – we are followed by many people across the nation, not only in Texas – your blog will help raise awareness for everyone across the nation! You are a role model and we hope others follow your lead!
    ~ Wildfire Pet Rescue
    Lost and Found Pets From Texas Wildfires on Facebook

  2. Terry Cooper says:

    A wonderful article that shines a light on a small non-profit and how they and others can help.

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  4. Caryn Kessinger says:

    Thank you so much for posting. Some of the girls from our troop went down right away to start to help. We even got a few places to donate ice and brushes. The best part is that we even found a new family member. My daughter fell in love with Robin. She is now home with us and doing great!

  5. Alexa, thank you so much for writing your story! I plan on sharing this on my blog and also on facebook. As a former Girl Scout I am proud of what you and the others are doing! ~Debbie

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