Magic Sky Ranch Update

Magic Sky is in no immediate danger, and the firefighters are making good progress.

However, as a precaution, Girl Scouts of Colorado has decided to cancel the July 1 – 3 Core Staff Troop Camp at Magic Sky Ranch. Girl Scouts of Colorado will be contacting troops who have registered for this camp soon to discuss options.

At this time, we plan to move forward with the resident camp sessions at Magic Sky Ranch July 8 and beyond.

As there are further updates, we will report them here. Thank you for your continued support!

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4 Responses to Magic Sky Ranch Update

  1. Angie Baca says:

    My daugter was signed up for camp at Magic Sky for next week and due to the fire it got canceled and she is now scheduled for camp next week at Sky High. I see there is now a fire near Woodland Park. Does anyone have any recent information on whether camp at Sky High will still go on next week?

    • Amanda Kalina, Director of Public Relations, Girl Scouts of Colorado says:

      Hi Angie. We received word from Sky High this morning that the fire near that camp is moving away from camp. And, actually, the fire is still quite a ways away, but they are smelling some smoke. We will keep everyone updated, but, for right now, all should be ok. There are no evac orders near camp, and they are in close contact with local authorities. Thanks for your concern. Best, Amanda Kalina, PR Director, Girl Scouts of Colorado

  2. Jenna says:

    Our 2 girls are set to go end of july, I just wanted to put my address on this so I can get updates. Both of my girls get resp problems easily so if smoke is a concern I would like to know.

  3. Shari Anderson says:

    Wow. My Grandmother used to own the Magic Sky Ranch. Back then it was called the “Lazy A”. I went online to see how close the High Park fire was getting to the ranch. What a nice surprise to see that it is now owned by the Girl Scouts! I would love to come and visit sometime (after the fire is out). I’m thankful that it’s not in danger, just praying that the fire is contained soon.

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