Send out a Flat Juliette

Project Overview

The Flat Juliette project is a pen-pal-type activity that promotes literacy and international friendship.  It is used in cooperation with Dale Hubert’s Flat Stanley project.  As we gear up for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, GSCO Flat Juliette makes her debut and begins her travels with Colorado girls.

Are you ready to make people smile?

Send out a Flat Juliette!  Give her to community leaders or teachers who were members of Girl Scouts.  Send her with someone who is going to great places and have them return her to your group for a great person-to-person experience.  Say thank you to someone who has helped your troop in a special way.  Imagine what a map of her travels or her personal travel journal would show.  This is a fun way for girls to discover, connect and take action…all with Flat Juliette for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting.

In this Activity Guide you will find:

A pattern to make Flat Juliette – Flat Juliette

Flat Juliette Uniform .  Girls can color and cut out the outfit

Read about the Flat Juliette program online and learn how to make other Flat Girl Scouts at these websites: and

Please submit stories of your Flat Juliette’s travels to so that other troops can see what Juliette has done and where she has been. 

*Flat Juliette name and materials are used in cooperation with Dale Hubert’s Flat Stanley Project  and with permission from Linda Kalish of Girl Scouts of Connecticut

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