2012 Girl Scout Cookie recognitions

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2012 Cookie Recognitions

While we think the entire recognition structure for this year’s sale is pretty awesome, we’re especially excited to announce these additions  to the lineup!

  • Turn & Burn Trip to Mount Rushmore! Meet in Denver at midnight, hop on a bus to South Dakota, enjoy an action packed day at local landmarks , participate in the closing flag ceremony at Mount Rushmore, hop back on the bus and come back to Denver. Phew! That’s one fun-filled 24 hours!
  • Toshiba Thrive Tablet, stand and wireless keyboard…a modern take to the laptop.
  • xBox Kinect – Controller-free gaming and voice commands. You gotta check this out!

What else is new and exciting in 2012? Cookie Credits!

  • Cookie Credits earned in the 2012 cookie sale won’t expire until Dec. 15, 2013! That gives girls an extra year to use their credits.
  • Also new for 2012, girls may choose to have their credits held at the GSCO service center to be applied towards summer camp. Girls should mark on their Girl Recognition Selection form whether or not they would like their credits  and turn in to your TCM or IGSCM.
  • Cookie Credits will be mailed directly to the girl, rather than to the Service Unit.

Complete Girl Recognition List:  

# of Packages Recognitions
1-35 Thank You Certificate (not cumulative)
36-69 Theme Patch
70-109 Theme Bandana
110-159 Giraffe Print Travel Case OR $10 in Cookie Credits
160-199 Georgia Giraffe Plush Mascot OR $10 in Cookie Credits
200-259 Purple Peace T-Shirt & 2012 Patch OR $15 in Cookie Credits
260-349 Giraffe Print Duffle Bag OR $20 in Cookie Credits
350-474 Pop Art Tote and Water Bottle OR $25 in Cookie Credits
475-599 Byte Headlamp OR $25 in Cookie Credits
600-749 Blanket with Carry Wrap OR $40 in Cookie Credits
750-999 Top Seller Event & Medallion OR $50 in Cookie Credits & Medallion
1000-1249 Sleeping Bag & Mess Kit with Utensils OR $60 in Cookie Credits
1250-1499 Tent, Chair & Lantern OR $70 in Cookie Credits
1500+ Priority Placement for Camp (see Family/Troop Guide for more info)
1500-1999 American Girl $125 Gift Card OR $125 in Cookie Credits
2000-2499 Turn & Burn Trip to Mount Rushmore OR $225 in Cookie Credits (see below for more info)
2500-3499 Toshiba Thrive Tablet with Wireless Logitech Keyboard OR $300 in Cookie Credits
3500+ Xbox Kinect & Kinect Sports Game OR $400 in Cookie Credits
3500+ $50 in Cookie Credits for every additional 500 packages sold; First $50 issued at 4000 pkgs

Top Seller Events

Girls who sell 750+ packages may choose to attend any one of the top seller events, regardless of location. This year, we’ve planned a day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, dinner at the DTC Marriott, a visit to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, and a camp sampler day at Meadow Mountain Ranch and Lazy Acres. Check out the blog on Top Seller Events for dates and details!

Bar Patch

Patches are awarded at the hundred level from 100-1000. Girls will receive the highest level which they achieved. The highest bar patch award is 1000+.

 Super Patch

Earned by using web or cell phone based technology to send 15 requests to friends and family asking them to purchase cookies.

Goal Achiever Patch

Earned by selling 12 or more packages of Hometown Heroes Cookies.

Troop Super Seller Recognition

Troops with a selling girl average of 350+ packages will be awarded $20 cash per registered girl to be used to fund a troop activity.

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9 Responses to 2012 Girl Scout Cookie recognitions

  1. leslie says:

    how does one get access to the cookie club to sell online? I asked her troop leader but she didn’t know.

  2. Stephanie Bates says:

    How can someone choose a top seller event if not all the times and dates are set yet?

  3. Kelley says:

    Is the Troop Super Seller Recognition and average of 350 boxes/girl, or is it at least 350 boxes/girl?

  4. Tara says:

    When will the girls receive their patches and recognition choices? Not the cookie credits, but the items they picked from the list. My troop leader doesn’t return any calls or emails, so for all I know she has had them for weeks… It has been a bad experience.

    • Margaret Miller says:

      Hi Tara,
      The patches and recognition items should be arriving from the bakery soon, but have not arrived yet. These items are shipped directly to the service unit cookie manager, who distributes to the troop cookie manager to hand out to the girls.
      I’m sorry you had a negative cookie experience. Please call me to discuss in further detail. 303-607-4840

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