Troop 72160 earns Bronze Award

Submitted by Jun Yasui (Troop Leader)

The girls in Troop #72160 from Fort Collins learned that many animals in their community need some help. They called two animal shelters and asked how they could help.

They volunteered at a dog wash event hosted by one of the shelters. They washed, rinsed and dried many dogs for two hours.

They held a fundraiser in front of a pet store for two days to collect supplies and donations. They collected 110 cans of cat/ dog foods, 15 bags of treats, 27 toys, 3 jars of baby food for birds, towels, peanut butter, cleaning supplies and much more!

They also made many fleece toys and blankets to donate. They delivered the donations to three animal shelters (Larimer Humane Society, Animal House Rescue & Grooming and Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic) and took a tour at the Larimer Humane Society. One girl’s family adopted a dog from one of the shelters while they were working on the project. They are proud of themselves for helping the animals in need and making a difference in their community.

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One Response to Troop 72160 earns Bronze Award

  1. Cheryl Martin says:

    Awesome job!!!!!!!!
    I am a co-leader with troop 1686 in Eaton, CO

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