Troop 2214 Summer

Girl Scout Troop 2214


WOW!  Where does the time go?  We blink and an entire summer has passed us by.  We are getting ready to start our new troop year so thought today was as good a day as any to get back into the groove with the blog, too!

In year’s past we have done an all-troop family camping trip.  It is a HUGE endeavor, with a ton of prep and expense.  After a not-as-good-as-usual cookie sale, we were less on funds when Summer came than we had ever been in the past.  After much discussion we opted to try a GIRL ONLY Day Camp this year and held it in our Girl Scout Council’s backyard area.  Anticipating the same activities, short of sleeping in a tent, it turned out to be a pretty good compromise.


Our camping trips are always jam-packed with badge earning activities and even though we didn’t sleep away…

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Colorado has cookies!


We have good cookie news! Following troop returns, there are now more than 170,000 packages of cookies in the cupboards statewide available for pickup; so orders can be filled, booths should be stocked for the week and girls can keep getting closer to achieving their goals!

We have extended the return date to today, Thursday, February 26, so anything troops and families have after today is theirs to sell or purchase. Troops can check out booth sale cookies from cupboards on consignment through March 27. Now is a great time to check eBudde for booths, as some have opened up, and you can always add a My Site booth. We have heard about some really creative and successful My Sites!

We are heading into National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, February 27 through March 1, so the buzz will be loud and demand for cookies is high! Thank you for all of your patience with a wild cookie season and making it a positive experience for the girls!

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Girl Scout Gold Award Project: Rebecca Clark, Colorado Springs, “Color Guard Clinic – Guard is Great!”

Rebecca Clark

What did you do for your Gold Award project?

I put together a performing arts clinic for middle schoolers in my district.

Why did you pursue this Gold Award project?

There is a lack of understanding in the community (and world) about what Color Guard is, thus a lack of funding and participation.

How did your Gold Award project make a difference?

Many people were exposed to a sport that is my passion, and something they might not otherwise have known about. Students learned dance, movement, and how to spin and toss flags. Color Guard is a fun and supportive environment in high school. Students who join will have a supportive base and friends in high school.

What skills did you gain through earning your Gold Award?

I learned leadership skills, planning, and flexibility.

How did you make your project sustainable?

I made a Facebook page and YouTube page with pictures and instructional videos. I also made a flash drive with all clinic information, from permission slips to t-shirt orders and daily schedules to give to others who wish to hold a clinic.

What was your connection to the national or global community?

Color Guard is a global sport, with very little recognition. My Facebook and YouTube pages will attract people to the sport with instructional videos on tosses and routines.

What will you most remember about your Gold Award project?

I will most remember watching the veterans helping the new students, and the enthusiasm everyone showed toward the sport.

How will earning your Gold Award help you in your future?

I have learned how to be a leader in my community: how to step up and lead a large group of people towards a common goal.

Why do you feel the Gold Award is an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

I feel the Gold Award is an important part of my Girl Scout experience because it makes me more confident in organizing and leading events. It is the highest award possible for a Girl Scout to earn, and I plan on being a Girl Scout for the rest of my life. It is the culmination of my Girl Scout experience.

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Troop camp in the mountains: TC04 Gypsum Troop Camp

Camp 12

Girl Scouts of Colorado is partnering with the Boy Scouts Western Colorado Council to offer a troop camp at the Spirit of Adventure Ranch (S.O.A.R.) in Gypsum Colorado.

Spend time with your troop friends in beautiful Gypsum for an adventure of a lifetime. You and your troop will spend the weekend sleeping in teepees, enjoying gourmet camp cuisine, and participating in unique activities. This is an opportunity for you to meet other troops from around the state and create lifetime friendships.

Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are great any time of the year, but at troop camp you may experience these activities with your best friends and some new ones! The Spirit of Adventure Ranch amenities for water activities include a natural waterfront and a swimming pool. So be sure to bring your suit, towel, and sunscreen!

Bubble soccer is a new twist on a classic sport. Participants wear large plastic bubble protectors on the top half of their body, so when people run into one another they safely bounce off each other. Check out this video for an example.

Rock Climbing, Archery, Outdoor Skills, nature studies, and crafts are just some of the activities we may participate in while visiting S.O.A.R. As Girl Scouts it is in tradition that we participate in natural science and high adventure outdoor activities. As Girl Scouts, A Celebration of 100 Trailblazing Years says, “In addition to introducing girls of that time to a pastime largely enjoyed by boys, camping fostered independence and teamwork, strength and perseverance, a love of nature, and a sense of camaraderie and sisterhood-all qualities embodied by Juliette Low herself.” (Betty Christiansen, 42)    ​

Register now for the TC04! This camp needs 50 girls signed up prior to March 20 to run. Save by registering and paying prior to April 30 with Early Bird Registration Fees! Safety Activity Checkpoint ratio adults do not pay to attend! This camp is for girls ages 10 and up.

NOTE: because there are many parent sign offs required for each camper, each girl’s parent must register her for camp under her family’s account in our camp registration through CampInTouch.


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What Camp Means to Me – A Camp Director’s Perspective

When I was a kid, summer camp was my opportunity to unplug and be silly without having to worry about being “cool”.  A place to be silly and have fun with friends and big sisters (which was awesome for me, as I am an only child).  I never had to worry about how I looked or if I was doing something the wrong way.

Looking back as an adult, I recognize that I learned so much more.  By having a safe place to be the girl I wanted to be, I learned how to be assertive and a leader without fear, to have confidence in my own abilities without the need for constant affirmation, and the ability to make my own choices and be accountable for the outcomes of those choices.

I look back at my life and can now recognize the positive risks I had the confidence to take and all of the amazing opportunities I’ve been a part of simply because I had the confidence to live my life with the philosophy of “Why not?!”

While the Girl Scout organization is the platform for my success, camp is the place where I can completely submerse myself in that culture.

Because of Girl Scout camp, I can say that I live my life with courage, confidence and character with the ability and desire to make the world a better place!

Kim “Ruddy” Petau is director of Sky High Ranch in Woodland Park. Learn more about camp sessions available this summer for your girl, and register her for camp now!

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How Sweet Camp Is – Making Camp Honey Butter at Home

Have you ever made homemade butter? What about jam? Have you ever brewed your own sweet peppermint tea with peppermint from your garden? Have you ever made a pizza with fresh toppings you’ve grown? How about cook and eat eggs for breakfast eggs you’ve collected that morning from the chickens? Ever milked a goat? And have you ever made your very own homemade apple dumpling from scratch? At Tomahawk Ranch, we have!! When girls attend Tomahawk Ranch in the summer, they will have the opportunity to try some of these amazing experiences.

At 8600ft in elevation within the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Tomahawk has its very own garden, greenhouse, and ranch!

We raise barn animals like goats, chickens, pigs, donkeys, peacocks, horses, rabbits, llamas, sheep, and more! We also grow everything from strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, limes & lemons, to beautiful flowers, stevia, mint, (and mint, and more mint!),  basil, rosemary, chives, sage, thyme, and SO MUCH MORE!  We even grow flowering cashmere for our fairy sweaters in the winter!

We want to share our amazing recipe for honey cinnamon butter with you, to give you a sweet taste of all the fun times you will have at camp-you can even try it at home!

Tomahawk Ranch Honey Butter:

Ingredients: Heavy Cream, Salt, Local Honey (from an apiary down the road or your local farmer’s market), Cinnamon

Supplies: Small Jam Jar, Marble (optional)

  1. Fill your jam jar ¾ of the way with Heavy Cream
  2. Add a couple pinches of salt (this depends on how salty you want your butter) MUST ADD SALT THOUGH (it’s what makes it butter)
  3. Add about 1 tsp cinnamon
  4. Add a generous spoon full of honey
  5. OPTIONAL: Add a marble to your jar to help with easier mixing
  6. Tightly close your jar
  7. Begin shaking your jar like a polaroid picture (if you just happen to have a paint can shaker at home, this relieves the stress of your arms) (we don’t so not to worry!)

You will 100% know when the butter is done-it will look like a chunk of butter.  If your butter has an ice cream consistency YOU ARE NOT DONE…keep shaking until it ABSOLUTELY looks like butter.

Once your butter is done, your chunk of butter will be sitting in liquid.  This DELICIOUS liquid is BUTTERMILK!!!! Make sure to pour out the buttermilk to save, as it makes wonderful pancakes, biscuits, cookies, pies, skin smoothing baths and more!!

Reminder: If you used a marble, don’t forget to spoon it out (it wouldn’t be too tasty), then close up the jar to give one last shake w/o the marble.

Then refrigerate and enjoy!! We recommend making homemade biscuits with your buttermilk to enjoy with your freshly made honey butter!!

Enjoy making Tomahawk Ranch Honey Butter at home, but if you want more recipes, or enjoyed making butter register your daughter for camp today, and enjoy ALL we have to offer!! Learn more about resident camp sessions at both Sky High and Tomahawk Ranch Camps this summer for your girl!

Sincerely, your excited Camp Director,
Obi Joe” Monica Gray



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Register Now for a Troop Camping Experience!

This summer, we have expanded options for Troop Camp! Troop Camp is an amazing opportunity for you to camp with your Troop. The benefits of Troop Camp include:

  • Bonding and friendships the girls develop while camping away from home
  • Programming offered by either staff of the camp or volunteers
  • Meals planned and shopped for (sometimes you learn to cook your own as part of the activities with good instructors!)
  • You’ll sleep in cabins or tabins or teepees!
  • Safety Activity Checkpoint Ratio Adults do not pay to attend!
  • Each Troop must have one adult who has completed Overnight Training, and one who has First Aid and CPR in attendance.

Troop Camps are not only fun, but also a chance for leaders who might not have as much experience camping to get their girls outside. Leaders will learn tips and tricks from the staff and volunteer experts running the camps. Troops meet other troops and can later transition to camping on their own in the future.

Here are descriptions and highlights of the Troop Camps this summer. Pay attention to registration deadlines, as we often need a certain number of girls registered in order to make each camp a success. Register prior to April 30 to get the lowest pricing for Troop Camp! Each parent must register their daughter for Troop Camp here.

Camp Name Dates Cost through 4/30 Cost after May 1 Description Ages
TC01, TC 03 & TC05 Meadow Mountain Ranch Troop camp 6/12-14, 7/10-12, and 8/7-9 $160 $185 Explore the wonders of MMR in Allenspark. This camp offers tabin lodging, meals (Fri. dinner-Sun. brunch + snacks), & activities: archery, hiking, teambuildilng, outdoor cooking, campfires & more! Troops will be led by GSCO staff & volunteers. This camp needs a min. of 25 girls by 5/29/15 to run. Questions? Contact Volunteer Outdoor Programs Manager, Brownie (2-3); Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8)
TC02 Lazy Acres Wilderness Wise Troop Camp 6/26 to 28 $70 $95 Learn outdoor survival skills with your troop at this volunteer-led troop camp at Lazy Acres near Rye. Program includes: basic outdoor skills, how to handle getting lost, skits, crafts, and nature exploration. Questions? Contact director Jill Marostica, Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8)
SH16 Sky High Troop Camp 6/28 to 30 $160 $195 Enjoy a staff-planned troop camp at Sky High Ranch. Activities may include: hikes, crafts, archery, campfires & more! Troop leaders are responsible for their campers at all times, and all program is planned and led by our amazing summer camp staff! Brownie (2-3); Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8); Senior (9-10); Ambassador (11-12)
TC04 Gypsum Troop Camp 7/19 to 21 $225 $250 Camp with your troop in the beautiful mountains in Gypsum, at the Spirit of Adventure Ranch. S.O.A.R., which offers teepee lodging, meals (Sun. dinner-Tues. lunch), & activities: archery, outdoor skills, rock climbing, pool time, low ropes course, astronomy & more! Juniors must be at least 10 years old to attend this camp. Questions, Contact Volunteer Outdoor Programs Manager This camp needs a minimum of 50 girls by 3/20/15 in order to run. Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8); Senior (9-10); Ambassador (11-12)
TC06 Camp Jackson Troop Camp 8/9 to 11 $225 $250 Camp with your troop in the beautiful mountains of Southern Colorado (near Rye). Camp Jackson offers cabin style lodging, meals (Sun. dinner – Tues. lunch), & activities: horseback riding, archery, canoeing, low ropes course, pool time, campfires & more! Register through CampInTouch;  Questions, Contact Volunteer Outdoor Programs Manager This camp needs a minimum of 35 girls by 7/10/15 in order to run. Brownie (2-3); Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8)

We also have  one volunteer-led troop camp available that is handling it’s own registration:

MMR Core Camp 1 7/24/2015 – 7/27/2015 Meadow Mountain Ranch, Allenspark    $115, Brownie (2-3); Junior (4-5); Cadette (6-8); Senior (9-10); Ambassador (11-12). Bring your troop and join us for 3-day, 2-night camp experience exploring and camping! We will provide experienced program volunteers and lots of program ideas. Activities include: archery, nature, hiking, crafts, songs and games, campfires, outdoor cooking, ceremonies and much more. All groups will experience cooking out, as well as meals served in the lodge. Our experienced volunteer adult support staff can help with required adult coverage and/or special outdoor programs. Plus bring your own program ideas and make it a special campout. NOTE: this camp is not designed for consecutive attendance at Core Camp 1 and Core Camp 2. If you would like to volunteer in the second session after attending the first session, please contact the camp director to discuss options. Register for this event through the director, Jennifer Hayes “Wally” at

MMR Core Camp 2: 7/27/2015 – 7/30/2015 (same contact as above)


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GSCO Blog moves, improves

We’ve moved and improved the GSCO Blog. Now at, the blog is an online gathering place where you’ll find important news, Girl Scout stories, troop tips, contests and cool opportunities for your girls. Subscribe to the blog, so you don’t miss a beat. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly digest emails. (See the subscription form in the footer.)

Comment on posts, share your own stories and photos and now place a Classified all in one place. If you’ve got materials to give away or need an expert to help your girls complete a badge, place a Classified. Browse the Classifieds for a ride share to camp or for swapping cookie varieties. It’s free and easy to use.

Keep up on all the great things Girl Scouts are doing across Colorado. You’ll see our Instagram feed, Twitter timeline and more.

Visit and let us know what you think. We’re excited to see you there!

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Share your awesome cookie-earnings stories


We’re so excited to hear about all of the amazing things you will do with your cookie money! Cookie bosses across Colorado are setting their goals and gearing up to do a ton of good in their communities and beyond.

Help us celebrate girls and inspire cookie customers to support you. Submit your cookie-earnings story here. Be sure to include your cookie sales goals, what you’re doing with your cookie earnings, and troop number, along with a fun pic of you and your troop! Also, include:




# of years as a Girl Scout

Submit yours by March 15, 2015 and you will get a free, fun patch.

blog 2

Want to share even more? Great! We’d also love to hear what you’re learning by selling cookies. Have you discovered something new this year? Did you develop a new skill? Do you have a fun or uplifting cookie customer story to share? We’re all ears! In addition to filling out the form above, submit those through Share Your Stories on the Girl Scouts of Colorado web-site.

We’ll be featuring the best submissions here on the blog, on our social media pages, and elsewhere. And, on top of giving you the opportunity to celebrate all of your inspiring cookie awesomeness, this is a chance for you to connect with and motivate each other, share ideas, and let everyone know about the incredible things you’re doing through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

If you have questions, please email Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper.

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Sky High Legends – Leave Your Legend at Camp!

Have you ever wanted to leave a legacy?  Are you creative, and Pinterest is your version of Candy Land?  During SH18 Sky High Legends, you will spend the week building and designing all kinds of large and small permanent craft projects at Sky High Ranch.  The activities will be decided by the girls when they get to camp, and here are some exciting examples of what they may decide to create:

SHR Legends    rocks

This camp is a chance for older girls (high school ages) to gain useful practical life skills with tools and planning, while exercising their creativity.  With popular small-business opportunities such as Etsy and Pinterest, girls will broaden their preconceptions about what running a small business looks like.  The world of high-quality, hand-made and repurposed crafts and projects is gaining popularity and camp is a great place to hone that skill set!

In addition to learning these valuable skills, girls will gain a sense of ownership and responsibility at Sky High Ranch.  They will need to work hard to ensure that their project is sustainable and of good quality to survive camp for years to come.  Hard work and dedication can go a long way in helping develop a girl’s sense of accomplishment and value in herself.  Leave a legacy today!

This and many other Resident (at Sky High Ranch and Tomahawk Ranch), Day, Troop and Family Camp sessions are available through Girl Scouts of Colorado this summer. Learn more about our summer camp sessions and register your girl today!

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