Cold with a chance of Thin Mints

Submitted by Kristin Coulter

Cadette Girl Scouts, Morgan Ward and Fiona Shore from Park Hill Troop 3573 got a surprise visit from Channel 7 Weatherman Mike Nelson. The girls had been working hard to attract customers to their cookie booth in the pet grocery store, Green Buddies, parking lot on Colfax Avenue, Saturday, Feb. 1, when Mike Nelson stopped in for a Thin Mint fix.

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3 Responses to Cold with a chance of Thin Mints

  1. Hello, I thought we were not able to do booths like this until official Booth sales begin Saturday? I would have set up somewhere had I known because we are really struggling to meet our goal this year. Just curious. We have told all of our girls they can’t participate in any booths until Saturday and even have some that want to sell at their father’s KFC store. .

  2. gscoblog says:

    Hi, This is the first year My Booth Sites (personal booth sales) have been allowed right at the beginning of the sale. This new feature was highlighted in all the cookie materials and trainings you’ll find here: Council Booth Sale sites begin this Friday. There are still Council Booth Sale sites available in eBudde and still time to meet your goals. Best wishes!

  3. Thank you. I was unaware. My troop does have booth sales scheduled so hopefully we can make it!

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