February 2014 Denver Metro PSS Blog: Outstanding Volunteer Nomination

February 2014 Denver Metro PSS Blog:  Outstanding Volunteer Nomination

Cookie season is in full swing, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’re all surviving the winter snow storms. It’s a busy time of the year, but that doesn’t keep this month’s outstanding volunteer from going above and beyond!

Theresa Redinger of the Winding Trails Service Unit in Littleton, CO, has been active with Girl Scouts for 22 years both as a former scout and as a volunteer.

“As with most volunteers, I wear many hats,” Theresa states.

Over the years, she has served as a troop leader, a service unit manager, school coordinator, troop cookie manager, service unit cookie manager and service unit registrar. She works well with the other volunteers in her area and together they have grown the service unit. At one school in particular, she helped increase the number of participating Girl Scouts from four to eighty!

“We’ve increased girls and volunteers almost every year for the last seven years in all of the Dakota Ridge/Winding Trails Service Unit troops.”

She enjoys teaching her daughters and other girls about the many Girl Scout traditions we have as well as making the world a better place. She works with the girls on at least 2-3 service projects a year to ensure that the girls get a balance of not only earning awards and badges but also serving their community.

When asked what valuable she skills she has gained during her Girl Scout experience, she says leadership and confidence.

“I use what I have learned in Girl Scouts daily in my career as a meeting planner at the non-profit I work at. I also have been able to use the skills I learned in Girl Scouts as a girl to carry on a tradition that I hope my daughters pass along to their daughters who pass along to theirs, etc.”

And what interview would be complete without asking what your favorite Girl Scout cookie is?

“Thin Mint, of course.”

Thank you, Theresa, for going above and beyond to help build girls of courage, confidence and character!

- Nominated by Tara Kutchinski

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One Response to February 2014 Denver Metro PSS Blog: Outstanding Volunteer Nomination

  1. Way to go Theresa! She’s my Service Unit manager and a darn good one I must say! We are so proud of you!

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