Introducing Adopt-a-Troop!

Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors – do you love working with younger girls? Are you thinking about earning your LIA or VIT? Then our new Adopt-a-Troop program is for you and your troop!

The Adopt-a-Troop program came about because Castro Elementary’s Principal, Dr. Robert Villarreal, contacted GSCO very enthusiastic and determined to have a Girl Scout program at the school. Dr. Villarreal was brought into the school which is in west Denver in an economically challenged area with a high immigrant/minority population this fall because the school has had declining test results over the past several years and Dr. Villarreal is the guy the district brings in to turn things around.  Bob immediately realized that, due to district budget cuts, there was not much available in terms of character-education and leadership enrichment for the students. Knowing that the values and leadership education Scouting promotes is critical to student success not only in academics and school but also in life after school, Principal Bob reached out to GSCO. The dilemma we faced was that we have tried for many years to get troops up and running and make them sustainable in this and other areas of the city but it hasn’t worked. We know from experience there is a demand among the girls for troops, but the parents don’t feel comfortable taking over the leadership role.

With our own budget cuts, GSCO no longer has the staff capacity to come into all the schools like Castro Elementary which want Girl Scout troops and run at least an 8-week program like we have done in the past. So, last Friday we were brainstorming how we could fulfill this need when it hit us! Because of the success of the Girls Leading Girls program Lesa Peters started in Douglas County and a successful Mentoring Troop Program at Bear Creek and with so many older Girl Scouts wanting to earn their LIA and VIT awards which require helping with younger troops – let’s see if we can get some troops to Adopt-a-Troop and help provide programing for these younger girls yearning to experience Girl Scouting. Not only does this provide an amazing community service, it also helps fulfill some of the requirements for those awards!

Click here for more details on the most recent Adopt a Troop  opportunity or call Joy Henika at 303-607-4850.

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