Colorado Girl Scouts help Katie Couric collect 5,000 coats

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Girl Scouts from all over the state teamed up with the crew from The Katie Show for Katie’s Challenge for Change to collect an amazing 5,000 coats for 7News and Dependable Cleaners’ Coats for Colorado drive. Denver was one of five cities Katie Couric chose to bring her challenge to, and we were thrilled that our famous alum wanted to partner with Girl Scouts of Colorado to make her challenge happen.

Troop 4394 from Loveland and Troop 2510 from Wheat Ridge helped at the Colorado Avalanche’s coat drive at the Pepsi Center on Friday, Nov. 8 before the hockey game. The Loveland girls were no strangers to coat drives, having just led a drive at their school for coats and household items to benefit the victims of the September flooding in Colorado. Third-grader Annika Thayer told me that many families from their school had their homes lost or damaged, and they felt badly for them and really wanted to help.

On Saturday, Nov. 9, the drive picked up again at the Highlands Ranch Town Centre and the Belmar Shopping Center in Lakewood. Troops 3894, 3895, 1369, 2131 and 4394 collected at the Belmar site and celebrated as Dependable Cleaners revealed that 4,600 coats had been donated and Old Navy donated another 500 new kids coats to put the drive over the 5,000 goal set by Katie’s Challenge for Change.

The Girl Scouts had a great time at the Pepsi Center and Belmar with Katie Couric’s special correspondent Cameron Hughes, who interviewed them for the show, got them even more excited about Coats for Colorado and even played some Girl Scout games with them. The Katie Show featuring Girl Scouts of Colorado will air on ABC at 3 p.m. on Nov. 19, so be sure to see our amazing girls being recognized for helping to make the world a better place!

About Rachelle Trujillo

Chief Marketing Officer for Girl Scouts of Colorado, dedicated to increasing awareness and support for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in Colorado through innovative communication. Advisor for an amazing group of Cadette Girl Scouts, including my daughter.
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One Response to Colorado Girl Scouts help Katie Couric collect 5,000 coats

  1. Awesome well done. The coats will go to a good cause.

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