Girl Scout Troop 66: Trip to Maui

Submitted by Leina Hutchinson of Fort Collins

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One of the last adventures for a Girl Scout troop to embark upon is the journey over seas, or over the Pacific Ocean, in our case. Despite the fact that Troop 66 had already been on multiple adventures before this, our trip to Hawaii was by far the biggest. In fact, Tori W. said that this trip “was worth the time and money.” Housing may seem like one small part of a very large trip, but in fact it is very important. While we didn’t spend much time at Girl Scout Camp Pi’iholo, we learned a lot about it and Maui during our adventures there. This property was great for a Girl Scout troop on a budget. There was hardly any need to buy utensils due to the built in kitchenette, and it helped to acclimate us to the Hawaiian setting with the constant humid mist, the cockroaches, and the palm trees. The lodge had electricity, and was large enough that we chose to spend our nights behind its locked doors. We also spent our jet-lagged nights playing the games we found around the lodge and staying up way past bedtime. Payton B.’s only comment about our lodge was “cockroaches” which pretty much summed it all up (but really, it wasn’t all that bad). Traditional food is a part of every culture that you should experience when vacationing. In the case of Hawaii, the fruit is where it is at. Heather, an adult member of our troop and a Hawaiian native, acted as our tour guide. There were a countless number of times that we pulled over or stopped hiking just to pick strawberry guavas, avocados, and mangos fresh off the tree. However, you cannot leave Hawaii without buying a coconut from a street vendor, along with a “Hawaiian shave ice.” Some of Hawaii’s biggest attractions are its numerous beaches, and Maui has no shortage of them. After our first day of fun in the sun and sand, after which almost everyone was badly sunburned, we spent the rest of our trip visiting many beaches that are loved by tourists and hidden by locals. Our drive to Hana found some of us at two different secluded beaches that were hard to get to, but fun to play at. Many of us enjoyed walking along the shore looking for seashells or snorkeling. We rented snorkel gear for the week, in order to have it handy whenever we found a good place with clear water and lots of marine life. We found coral-encrusted volcanic rocks and fish at the Red Beach near Hana. We swam with a bale of turtles that were grazing peacefully on seaweed and completely ignored us swimming alongside them at Napili Beach. However, the very best place to snorkel was Molokini, a small crater about 8 miles off the cost of Maui. The only way to reach this pristine lagoon was by charter boat. We selected the Lani Kai boat, which is a stable catamaran with a friendly crew of three people. In addition to the exciting boat ride and snorkeling, they provided a nice continental breakfast and BBQ lunch while we cruised. Linda B. says, “my favorite memory of our trip was Molokini – I was astonished by the crystal clear water and abundant things to see beneath the surface.” We spent our fourth day in Hawaii at the Iao Valley. Before embarking on a hike up the valley, we visited a garden that commemorated various immigrant groups in Hawaii. Each area reflected the culture of its people, and we all enjoyed eating lunch there. Afterwards, we climbed up a long staircase that brought us to the head of a beautiful hiking trail that, while originally appearing not to exist, ended in a rewarding day well spent. Most of us made it to a lovely Koa tree before heading back down. We ended the day next by a small river that ran through the valley making ti leaf bracelets and enjoying quality time with our fellow Girl Scout sisters. Hana highway was one of our favorite parts of the trip and a fun day exploring. Driving along, it could easily be missed, but looking to the right of the road one can see a mysterious gap among thousands of stalks of bamboo. Locals call this unmarked place the Bamboo Forest, and as it is hidden well, you need a local guide to find it. As you step off the road, a green forest and welcoming dirt path lead you deep into the lush jungle. You can smell and feel the mist as the trail opens up to a river with many waterfalls. It was so beautiful, refreshing and peaceful and a great authentic Hawaiian experience. Further up the road was another activity that was a favorite for some of the more adventurous girls: a rope swing. Off the road and hidden behind one of the many old bridges along the highway was a deep pool and a long rope. Some of the girls immediately jumped in and by trial and error found a way to toss the rope up to the swinger. We had a blast not only Tarzan swinging in, but also fearlessly leaping! Savanna I. said, “Going to Hawaii gave me countless memories and many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and adventure of the Hawaiian Islands! I can’t wait to go back!” We enjoyed the time we spent looking for souvenirs at the Shopping Center of Maui, one of the great places for tourists looking for souvenirs. No trip is complete without the touristy knick-knacks and the authentic Hawaiian merchandise found there. Our troop had a great time exploring this area after a long day on the road to Hana. The Bayou Tree acted as a great meeting spot after our shopping needs had been met. Our final adventure before heading back over the Pacific was at Pi’iholo Ranch Zipline. Conveniently located near our camp, the ziplining was an activity that everyone participated in despite fear of heights or breaking wires. With a grand total of nine lines, each and every one of us could be found smiling in the canopies of Hawaii. For Troop 66, their trip to Hawaii was the culmination of years of hard work and planning. Never before had they attempted a trip so far away from home, and they all left with wonderful memories. Leina H. said, “This trip was the best possible way to start my summer with all my favorite Girl Scouts.”

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3 Responses to Girl Scout Troop 66: Trip to Maui

  1. Rebecca Lankford says:

    I really enjoyed reading about this trip, especially since my troop would like to go to Hawaii!

    • Susan Baker says:

      Thanks Rebecca – if your troop goes to Hawaii, please check out all 3 properties that belong to Girl Scouts of Hawaii. They are on Oahu, Maui and Big Island. It is a great opportunity to enjoy safe camping on Hawaii, and make the trip a lot more affordable.
      Susan (Troop Leader)

  2. Thanks for sharing about the trip, Leina!

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