Our most critical need: adult volunteers

I’m really excited to share the story that 9NEWS (KUSA) recently aired about Girl Scouts of Colorado! The story, which I have linked below, highlighted exactly what our most critical need in our organization is right now — adult volunteers. As you may or may not know, there are thousands of girls on waiting lists that want to be Girl Scouts, but can’t until volunteer leadership is found.

We hope you will consider volunteering with us, or sharing the 9NEWS story with others and ask them for their support. To get through these hard times this is where your support is most critically needed.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider making a donation to Girl Scouts on our website and make the worthwhile investment of supporting our next generation of Colorado leaders!

We thank you in advance for your support!


View the story here

About Stephanie Foote, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Colorado

I am dedicated to helping young women find their path to leadership. I am excited to serve Girl Scouts in Colorado on this journey.
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2 Responses to Our most critical need: adult volunteers

  1. kimadams123 says:

    I do hope GSCO finds more adult volunteers. After starting a supertroop at my daughter’s school and putting in two years of pretty hard labor to be a Junior and supertroop leader, I finally quit this year. I am so relieved…I got so very little support and it became completely overwhelming. If GSCO has the ability, I’d suggest something like “New Troop Mentor”. When a new troop starts, an experienced troop leader or somebody from Council would be available to attend, say, the first 3-6 meetings and show the other volunteers the ropes. We did everything from scratch and every volunteer was a working mom. We just didn’t have the time and resources we needed. I am deeply conflicted about quitting but my time is so much better spent with my daughter doing our own thing. I’d love to participate with an established troop, but starting and running one is way more than I can give.

    • gscoblog says:

      We are making many positive changes to make the experience of volunteer for Girl Scouts easier!
      – We have a new volunteer position of Troop Mentor, just as you have suggested!
      – We’re making more training available, especially for troop leadership at all levels with “101” trainings
      – We’re offering more free training
      – We are conducting an informational interview with every new volunteer to get their questions answered and provide a personalized learning plan to get them started
      – We are removing some of the red tape for Girl Scout activities
      – We are increasing community level support for Service Unit volunteers
      GSCO is excited about these improvements, and we hope you will be too!

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